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Thank you Don!

I’ll make sure they are off when painting and I have to tell you we love them already…my husband was working in my daughters bedroom (with one of the panels) and he was complaining how freezing cold it was down there because the AC was cranking and in order for the upstairs to cool enough (being a huge high ceiling space) it has to really be on high which makes the basement like an icebox and so I said “well guess what? You can put on the radiant heat!” And he was happily toasty within minutes! Woohoo!!!



Why Choose Infrared Radiant Heating Technology?

Infrared Radiant Heating is as old as the sun. The heat from our heating panels produces the same soothing warmth that you experience in a natural outdoor setting on a sun filled day or around a cozy camp fire. Also, because our panels heat walls, floors and objects, not the air that rises to the ceiling, the warmth is felt from all directions. The floors are warmed eliminating cold feet, especially in the bath and bedrooms.  See what the infamous home building expert Bob Vila has to say about them here at this link.


Most Cost Effective Heating

The comfort of the heat produced combined with 98% energy efficiency and decades of maintenance free operation proves an unbeatable combination as a solution to your heating needs. Our low cost for installation means you can add additional heating zones with a minimum cost and inconvenience.


Healthful Heating

The many other benefits include no dust or allergens caused by circulating air from heating ducts or outside air.


Our Free Design and Quotation Services

We offer free design services with the purchase of our radiant heating panels. For applications that require this service download and submit the “design data questionnaire” below that best suits your application.


Installation Support

We will provide support via phone or email to your contractor during the installation process.


Standard Panel Pricing (Site Design Services Included)

All major credit cards accepted

**Custom Sizes and Wattages Available.  Voltages: 120, 208, 220, 240, 277

NOTE: All Panels are UL Approved